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Parade of Victors (WWII Documentary)

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Who started the Second World War? Answer: Hitler and Nazi Germany is, in the light of recent findings, at least not enough. According to Viktor Suvorov, whose writings are gaining more and more recognition among historians, the correct answer is: the Soviet Union.The filmmakers present Suvorov thesis and subject it to verification. Looking for answers to this question, they come to the truth about the role of Stalin's Russia in unleashing the bloodiest conflict in history. Conflict, whose first victim was Poland.September 22, 1939 the year of Brest on the Bug. On the Union of Lublin street took place a join Wehrmaht-Red Army parade. And on the distinguished quest' gallery stand alongside the legendary commanders of both armies: General Heinz Guderian and Brigade Commander Semyon Krivosheyn. What series of events led to thism meeting ?What were the Polish chances in a challenge against two murderous regimes?"It is remarkable that the Nazi Germany invaded Poland, and whole world recognized them as only aggressors, while the Soviet Union did the same and in the same month, and still is not regarded as an invader. Moreover, it is believed that in 1939-1941 USSR didn't take part in this war, "- says Viktor SuvorovEvents of that September are commented by Suvorov, Polish historians - eminent experts on the subject, and refer by eye-witnesses of this "victory parade"Lecture of Mr. Victor Suvorov - Who Started WWII ?

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